Students say thank you to the Foundation's supporting community.

Over the years, Strathmore has continued to give an all-round quality education and be of service to society. This has been possible thanks to the generosity of many individuals and institutions who form an important part of the University’s community i.e donors, partners and friends.
Through the gifts and donations, we have been able to award scholarships, set up endowment funds, put up state of the art facilities, contribute & enrich the lives of our communities in need, develop our members of staff, run continuous research activities & conferences, create research labs among many other things. The impact of these donations help us realise the 3 themes of our strategic plan: Transforming the Students Experience, Research & Enterprise and Service to Society.
Emerging as one of the best universities in Kenya, we celebrate all our partners. We would look forward to working with you towards having a greater impact in our society.

- Prof John Odhiambo, Vice Chancellor.

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