Tegla Loroupe Strathmore Athletics Scholarship Launched

Tegla-Loroupe-and-Prof.-Da-SilvaStrathmore University has partnered with Ambassador Tegla Loroupe, a renowned marathoner to offer two athletics scholarships. The scholarships are awarded by the university with a view to uplift the education opportunities of athletes, who have for a long time been neglected besides getting sports training. Beneficiaries will be athletes who have attained the necessary KCSE grades (High school)  to enrol in a university and have the skills and competence to compete in athletics, nationally and internationally.

Each party in this partnership brings in different deliverables for the success of the scholarship. Ambassador Tegla Loroupe, will scout for the required talent, ensure their training in track performances while Strathmore will offer a 90% tuition scholarship, and ensure academic success of the athletes’ academic performance.

Speaking at the brief launch event, Prof. Izael da Silva stated that, ‘An athlete is a whole, complete human being beyond their legs; we want to see the students gain other skills that they can use in their life after athletics. Tegla Loroupe in her remarks reiterated that, ‘Basic management skills will see many athletes manage their finances better and live a dignified life, long after being active on the track.’ She was a beneficiary of a sports scholarship in Rift Valley Training Institute of Science and Technology upon completion of her secondary school education.

About Tegla Loroupe

Ambassador Tegla Loroupe both in her personal capacity as well as through her Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation is a champion for education, peace initiatives and women’s rights in the larger East African region. The Foundation runs a school in West Pokot for orphaned children, who many times are casualties of conflict and strife in the region. It is for this reason that she has initiated marathons as a way of bringing warring communities together since the year 2003.  The ‘Tegla Loroupe Strathmore Scholarships’ is an initiative where she (an internationally acclaimed athlete) will scout and nurture talent in the athletics as a way of mentoring younger athletes.

About Strathmore sports scholarships

Strathmore University, a premier private University in Nairobi offers sports scholarships as a way for nurturing talent in sports such as basketball, hockey, rugby, and soccer, among others. The scholarships have benefitted many students with a talent in sports, but who could not make it to attend a degree course. The University now seeks to widen this talent to athletics; a sport that has earned Kenya plenty of glory internationally.