Strathmore University’s Student Fund aims at increasing participation in higher education by students who for a variety of financial or social reasons do not view going to university as a viable or attractive option.

We believe that every bright secondary school student deserves access to quality university education.  But because of shortage of resources, lack of awareness of the importance of education and lack of role models many of these bright and needy students very often do not go to university. Currently 13% of students receive financial aid. 100% of all donations/gifts go directly to student financial aid/scholarships. 

Student fund gifts of varying amounts are welcome. These normally go to ongoing students who encounter a financial crisis while on campus. These could be as a result of personal sickness, unemployment or bereavement of the family’s breadwinner.

There are many such genuine cases of financial need that arise in any given year. Our desire is to help all students to complete their studies so that they can contribute to the wellbeing of their families and society in general.



A gift of KES 2,000,000 ($20,000) would establish a named scholarship and will provide financial aid to an undergraduate student for the 4 years of his/her degree.