To provide a learning environment where students learn to become global change agents. Some of the projects include:

All qualified students deserve quality education irrespective of their socio- economic background. Our financial aid scheme is administered in various forms ranging from merit based scholarship, sports scholarship, bursaries, work study and affordable loans.

To form the next generation of leaders, we must have in place world class faculty and staff who are attuned to industry needs. Our country faces a scarcity of PhD and post-doctoral fellows. This project aims at building our staff capacity for them to be able to provide our students with the right knowledge to enable them be better people in the society.

For long-term sustainability of the university, we have created an endowment fund. In this fund, the principal is not spent. Only the investment earnings from the endowment investments are spent. We will put in place a board of eminent persons to be trustees of the fund and to ensure that the gift you give is only spent on the specific purpose you indicated.

Our medical center provides health services to students, staff and the surrounding community. The center is also working in partnership with research organizations to explore solutions for Non Communicable Diseases. The goal is to ensure we can provide affordable quality health services to all people.

Sports has the ability to boost mental development, academic performance, and teamwork and problem-solving skills. It can also improve physical health, boost self-esteem and help reduce pressure and stress. Sports is also a source of income. Our goal is to have world class sports facilities that benefit our university and the surrounding community.

In order to attain our Country development goals, we must be able to produce quality engineers for the future. Our goal is to establish a world class engineering school that can contribute to the growth and development of Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Our goal is to ensure that our students learn in an environment that delivers world class experience. To this end the Foundation seeks partnerships with individuals and corporates especially in sponsorship and branding of facilities, halls and lecture rooms. We also seek partners for infrastructure development using various financial tools. For more information, contact us.