Learn about the different scholarship schemes

Since 2001 donors to Strathmore University scholarships and endowments has been on the rise. Previously and even before SU acquired its current University status, Strathmore college would award approximately scholarships for A-Levels since 1961 and later on to students taking Accountancy courses since 1966.

This is full scholarship program that started in April 2002 and is sponsored under the Skills for Life Programme of EABL Foundation. It caters for bright and needy students who have attained a minimum KCSE grade of A-. Strathmore manages the whole program across East Africa. In Strathmore the scheme sponsors 3 students in BCOM and 3 students in BBIT while 4 others students are sponsored; 2 for an engineering degree at any public university and 2 for a food science degree at any public university every year. So far over 90 students have benefited from this program at Strathmore. It is good to note that it is through the success of this scholarship scheme that other donors have found Strathmore a credible and reliable institution to grant a scholarship sponsorship. Some of the graduates intend to form an association through which they can support other exemplary students from poor backgrounds.

This scholarship scheme is an offshoot of the EABL scholarship. McKinney Rogers International a global consulting firm was consulting for EABL when at the MRI scholarship came to be. It is a full scholarship that started in 2007 and it caters for bright and needy students who have attained a minimum KCSE grade of an A-. The scheme sponsors one student in BCOM and one student in BBIT.  The Vice president of McKinney Rogers International visited Strathmore in 2011 and met all the 8 beneficiaries who were still in session.

This is a scholarship scheme for Business Science courses, started in 2010 by I&M Bank as part of their CSR. The scheme caters for bright and needy students who have attained a minimum KCSE grade of an A-. It is a 14 Million worth scholarship that will take 10 students through for a 4 year degree in Bachelor of Business Science by 2014.

This full tuition scholarship begun in 2011 and is so far sponsoring one student in the BBS Financial Economics degree.

The University has a scholarship scheme which it runs from its annual reserves in addition to returns from the European Union Endowment Fund. Eligibility and selection criteria vary widely. The broad range of scholarship programmes enables the university to cater for a wide range of applicants across its degrees, diplomas and professional courses. The scholarships fall under the following categories: Mathematics Contest Scholarships, Sports Scholarships, Sports Fee Rebate, Student Council Rebate, Family Fee Rebate.

Since 2007, Rattansi Educational Trust has helped students in Strathmore University pursue their dreams. As of January 2013, over 100 students have received financial assistance and have been able to continue or complete their studies.

Strathmore staff development scholarships have helped increase the number of PHD holders within our campus.