The creation of an endowed academic Centre allows the university to develop and enhance its research and learning in a priority area of study and to recruit faculty members from among the best scholars in the world. This is vital to Strathmore’s growth and excellence.

The University, however, cannot rely on tuition fees alone to attract the world leading professors. Strathmore seeks to engage with its industry partners and friends who share the same vision of maintaining academic excellence.

Industry has also the need to grow solutions in quasi-incubated spaces.  These spaces can be provided effectively by academia where research take precedence and the teams within the university can offer input to solutions that industry seeks.

Funding a Centre also allows the university to dedicate funds to providing world class learning facilities that provide students with an excellent learning environment. The Centre team appointment is one of distinction, made to advance the academic programs of the University and to enhance teaching and research in an area within the university.

There are various benefits that our partners will accrue for having sponsored the Centre. These include:

  1. a)  Priority to choose the naming of the Centre.
  2. b)  Involvement in selection of the Professor/s who will head the Centre
  3. c)  Brand publicity
  4. d)  Involvement in the selection of the Chairs in the Professorial Chairs.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in sponsoring a Center at Strathmore University.