Macheo Mentoring

“My name is Samuel Nzomo, a student from John Paul II Mixed Secondary School in Kibera slum where I live. When I was in form two I was lucky to be chosen to be chosen to join Macheo Achievement Program. I started attending sessions at Strathmore University every Saturday. I committed myself to the program through attending every session, arriving on time, listening to what am being taught and implementing it.

One on one mentoring and the character talks really helped me to grow mentally, psychologically and spiritually. It contributed to being who I am today. Tutorial classes helped me to improve in my grades from Cs in mathematics to Bs in the final exams in chemistry to Cs in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education finals. The tutoring I received in Macheo helped me I attain an overall grade of C+.

Through the excursions I have broadened my horizon by exploring and knowing our country better. Some of the places like Nairobi Museum, Paradise Lost, Karura, and Oloulua forests could sound like a dream but it’s through Macheo that they are real to me.

I have enrolled to study CPA at Strathmore in July 2015. The Strathmore Community Service Office will sponsor my studies.”

Our aim is to help these students to realize that life can be better, that life should be better and that it is within their reach to make it happen.

For the last two and half years, Macheo has been operational through the generosity of various donors. The class that graduated from high school in 2014 recorded a great improvement with 10 students joining university compared to 5 the previous year.