Where it all began: Dr. James Mcfee and his colleagues

Strathmore University Foundation supports Strathmore University in Kenya as a Kenyan based registered Not- for- Profit Company limited by guarantee having no shares. The Foundation’s office is located at the Strathmore University Madaraka Campus.

Since her inception in the 1960s as Strathmore College offering advanced courses in commerce and accounting, the then Strathmore College benefited from the goodwill of friends and well-wishers across the world who gave donations to support the college needs and growth. Resource mobilization wasdone by senior staff of the college who were also involved in teaching. As the college grew and applied to operate as a university in 2003, it became necessary to establish a mechanism dedicated to fundraising and hence give room for growth in the University’s capacity to grow in her resource mobilization efforts while maintaining academic excellence.

Over the years, the fundraising function has undergone many changes in form and leadership eventually culminating in the establishment of the Advancement and External Relations department in 2008. Since then, the university has experienced successful resource mobilization campaigns which has enabled the university to grow from the initial few buildings at the administration center that hosted Accountancy and Information Technology courses to now include the Students center, School of Business, School of Management Science, School of Humanities, School of Law, School of Tourism and Hospitality to name but a few.

Dr. James Mcfee giving a speech at a recent SOA graduation ceremony

Following the launch of the 2015-2025 SU Strategic plan, the university leadership established Strathmore University Foundation (SUF) to spearhead resource mobilization and friend raising initiatives for and on behalf of the University. This is to cope with the rapidly changing internal and external environment in the fundraising sphere, demand for services necessitated by rapid growth of the University and need for major development projects. The demand for funding has also increased in the areas of student scholarships, research funds and community service.

The Foundation identity and legal status
Strathmore University Foundation is incorporated under the Companies Act (CAP 486) of the Kenyan laws as a not for profit company limited by guarantee and having no share capital. It is wholly owned by Strathmore University and is entirely dedicated to mobilizing resources to support the University initiatives.

The foundation is governed by a board of directors comprising of persons of good standing in society. This board is appointed with the recommendation of the University Council and the University Management Board.

Industry Focus
Strathmore University Foundation is operating in the Educational sector with a focus on Higher Education and Research.
Sources of funding

  • Strathmore Alumni and friends
  • High Net worth individuals
  • Corporate Partnerships and sponsorships
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Bilateral and Multilateral agencies
  • Special Events

University Pillars
The foundation will work to meet the Strategic needs of the university spelt out in the Strathmore University Strategic Plan 2015-2025. These covers three broad thematic pillars namely:

  • Enhancing the Students’ Experience
  • Excellence in Research and Enterprise
  • Service to Society.