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Tabitha - Alumni

Alumni Spotlight: Tabitha Olang exemplifies academic excellence and brilliance at a young age. She’s a young achiever; a First Class Honors holder in Bachelor of Business Science Actuarial Science degree.

“After graduating from high school, I enrolled at Strathmore University to study CPA, and this piqued my interest in studying for a Bachelors program at Strathmore. My classmates encouraged me to seek a scholarship opportunity. I was fortunate enough to be a beneficiary of The I&M Scholarship; a comprehensive scholarship. I felt very privileged and humbled.
My four years at the university were very intense. At Strathmore I studied Japanese as an elective foreign language. In my third year, Mr. Wairua, my Japanese lecturer, pointed out at possibilities of studying in Japan, exposing me to the Japanese Government Scholarship. I was among five Kenyan students who won scholarships. My undergraduate studies strengthened my application process especially while preparing for the research proposal. Seeing my paper receive global recognition from professors, was an affirmation that indeed I had placed my career in the best hands by choosing to study at Strathmore.
Thank you for investing in me.’’

At Strathmore, we believe that every student deserves quality education and we are working to ensure that any student who would like to study in our institution will not have a door closed on due to financial constraints. Through your donations you keep alive the dreams of students like Tabitha.