Since 2001 donors to Strathmore University scholarships and endowments has been on the rise. Previously and even before SU acquired its current University status, Strathmore college would award approximately scholarships for A-Levels since 1961 and later on to students taking Accountancy courses since 1966.


Strathmore University wants to offer its education to all deserving students independently of their ability to pay. We want to expose them to our educational experience and thus transform them. And we achieve this through excellence in teaching and research in an atmosphere of freedom, upholding ethical values and being of service to society.


An endowment to Strathmore University ensure sustainability of our education model and guarantees that current and future students will be afforded the same opportunity through scholarships and programs. 



Endowed Scholarship:

 A gift of KES 12 Million ($120,000) will establish a named endowed fund that will exist in perpetuity to provide financial aid to a qualifying undergraduate every four years.