COVID-19 Educational Relief Fund: Lighten their burden

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant disruption in the way the world operates. Income streams across all industries have either been scaled down or totally wiped out. The education sector has been affected after the government ordered learning institutions to be shut down Where an institution had ICT infrastructure in place, teaching shifted to online platforms. Strathmore transitioned to remote learning albeit with a significant level of resource reallocation. A new semester for 2020/2021 academic year began online on April 20th 2020. The University also welcomed first-year students with orientation taking place online, notwithstanding the logistical challenge of ensuring that every new student received a new laptop.

In the foreseeable future however, after the COVID-19 pandemic has been well documented in history books, families and nations will be railing from a devastating recession. This is anticipated to affect the ability to meet basic needs especially food and health, besides the inability of parents and guardians to pay school fees for their children. Strathmore anticipates that in addition to 13% of its 6,000 student population who normally are on Financial-Aid, many more students will need financial support in paying fees once schools re-open.

The inevitability of income deprivation among fee providers through job losses, business closure, drain on savings, slow resumption to normalcy or the unfortunate demise of a guardian, means that the future of many students will be affected. These unforeseeable and unquantifiable consequences have had Strathmore University initiate a fundraising campaign to set up a COVID-19 Educational Relief Fund. The fund will support students affected and relieve distress from many parents and families.

The University is therefore appealing to its friends and collaborators to support its effort in putting together an Educational Relief Fund to support students who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. We are reaching out to our Staff, Alumni, Parents, Students and Corporate Partners for support.

The target is to raise Kenya Shillings fifty million (KES 50,000,000, Approximately USD 500,000) in the period ending July 15th, 2020. The funds raised will be used to provide financial-aid to students who will be adversely affected by COVID-19. The fundraising campaign is spearheaded by Strathmore University Foundation (SUF) in liaison with other departments in Strathmore University. Donations can be channeled through SUF via Bank or Mpesa. Strathmore University will be ever grateful for your support.

Bank Account Details:

  • Bank: CITI Bank
  • Branch: Upper Hill
  • Swift Code: CITIKENAXXX
  • Kenya Shilling Account (KES) Account Number: 104386143
  • USD Dollar account Account Number: 104386154
  • EURO Account Account Number: 104386161


  • Mpesa Pay Bill Number: 988666
  • Account Number: Area of support (SLS/SBS/Student Fund/ Endowment etc.)

For more information please reach out to