Strathmore University has been growing very fast due to the demand for quality education following increased enrolment at Secondary School level. Universities today increasingly seek philanthropic donations from individuals and organizations. Donations to Strathmore University enable us to provide scholarships for talented students across the country, invest in research excellence, and provide student-centred facilities among many other needs. We hope that you can join us in providing a good learning environment and experience for our students and that you will be inspired to support our activities.

For Strathmore to be a world class institution, its faculty need to engage in research activities; transforming the world to be a better place for mankind. Questioning existing theories, bringing forth new knowledge into the world of academia, charting otherwise unexplored territories; all in the quest and thirst for new stuff.

The university would like to build a sports complex to provide the students with an opportunity to engage in their favourite sports and also to relax. The complex will include:

1. Football pitch
2. Rugby pitch
3. Hockey field
4. Volleyball courts
5. Tennis courts
6. Basketball courts
7. Gymnasium

Strathmore aims at having the best teaching faculty in the country. In this regard, the university aims at developing it s teaching faculty by sponsoring them to postgraduate studies in renowned university worldwide. This will ensure that our students get quality teaching with a global perspective

To partner with us in meeting these needs, you can write to us on email or call us on +254703034290.