Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Namayi, Class of 2014

When I was in 3rd year the student center was completed. The building was very futuristic. It was such a great space to hang out with friends. It was also an awesome hideout for one to do assignments or just studies. The accessibility of the cafeteria from the building was an added advantage especially on the rainy days when all you needed was a hot cup of tea to warm you up as you wait for the classes to start. I must confess the aroma from the delicacies of the cafeteria and restaurants made it harder to study but we conquered it all, at times giving in and just enjoying a plate of fries and soda.

What are some of the opportunities you got at Strathmore?

During orientation, we were given lessons on ethics, how to properly use cutlery, how to hold a corporate conversation, how to network with people of various caliber in the society, and even how to dress for different events. By then much of this did not make sense but now that I’m in the corporate world, I blend in because I have been seasoned in the ways of the working world.

How has your coursework translated to your career now?

I must say most of the presentation and group discussions we had are paying off. I remember an instance while doing my Industrial internship at the Agricultural Finance Cooperation – (AFC) a question was asked during a departmental meeting and I was the only one who gave feedback. It was exhilarating and tormenting at the same time. But that was the beginning of the many opportunities I have had in presentations for those I work with. Soon after my internship, AFC approached me with a job offer which I declined since I had to finish my degree. After graduation, they offered me my first job. I worked with them in various capacities example an ICT officer and executive coordinator to the MD until 2019. In August 2020 I got an opportunity to work with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) as the “Go-getter Lead”. I continue to work with them and the exposure I received in Strathmore only makes my career journey adventurers.

24 June 2019, Rome, Italy – Side Event: Netherlands – Real Action on Youth: Driving the Future of Agriculture. FAO Conference, 41st Session, FAO headquarters (Sheikh Zayed Centre).
Who are some of the persons you remember from Strathmore?

 It’s been a while but I fondly remember, Dr. George Njenga, Dr. Bernard Shibwabo, and Mrs. Esther Gathenya. The students include Beryl Mogola, Linda Onyanda, Nelly Sang, Rose Masinde. I still communicate with these Stratizen ladies to date.

How does being involved in clubs boost your corporate journey?

From 2010 – 2014 I was a member of the AISEC. At one point I became the vice president. Through the activities we organized I acquire new skills. They include project presentations, event organization, project management, public speaking, and pitching ideas.  It is through AISEC that I got my attachment at Agricultural Finance Cooperation. Through my work exposure, I have been privileged to visit many countries and cities they include Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, New York, Qatar, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Boon just to mention a few. It is the diverse cultures at Strathmore that have enabled me to adapt well and the world is now my platform.

Amanda Namayi pursued a Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) at the Strathmore Institute (2010) and later transitioned to the Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) programme. She graduated in 2014.


This article was written by Annete Karanja.  


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